I began designing young—an e-cookbook of family recipes is the first published project I wrote, formatted, and designed.

Soon after, I was part of creating concept art for a wallpaper app. I hand-drew several designs and helped revise graphics when they came in.

At thirteen, I used Xcode to create a game.

At fifteen, I designed t-shirts in Illustrator, which led to co-founding a business with my mom to sell them.

Eventually, I got an Adobe pencil and drew artwork by hand. Some of my designs are still worn today.

I've designed websites, podcast branding, logos, t-shirts, apps, and a home.


Praxis is one of the biggest reasons I'm able to do what makes me come alive—and it was a complete honor to work alongside their team to bring a new website design to life.

Other projects for Praxis

A new program guide
Podcast branding


Home design

I helped my family design our home. It is inspired by angled, minimalist Scandinavian design.

Style guide

For Morgan Von Gunten's personal website.

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When I'm not writing, I'm designing. If you'd like to work together, I'd love to hear from you.