My story

i am too often
that i do not have enough to say
that i won't be able to say anything at all

You should know I never thought I’d be a writer. Race car driver, graphic designer, astronaut—those were professions I wanted (and possibly tried) to be in. Writer? I tried to not be that. 

Our stories never go the way we plan. 

I was raised in an entrepreneurially-minded family. By the time I graduated at sixteen, I’d already worked on two iOS apps, co-started a small t-shirt business, and published an e-cookbook of family recipes (I am not a cook, though. My limit is spaghetti and tea). I worked for a few years (sadly not in space, as my mom reminded me I don’t like math or science), opted out of college, and went through Praxis, a year-long apprenticeship program. Through Praxis, I landed a job at Crash, where I worked for thirteen months as the content creator and community manager, then editor. 

Throughout most of this, I started writing a novel. I thought it was going somewhere. I fell in love with writing—the dialogue, characters, stakes. But 500,000 words in, I stopped. I’d written a lot of words, but I couldn’t figure out how to finish.

An attempt at organizing my first novel. It still lives in a briefcase in my closet.

So I put the novel away and made other plans. 

Then those plans changed. Life got hard. 

I spent a summer reading the Psalms on repeat. In the fall, I went through an intensive writing program—and my writing changed. Never one before to feel much of anything, I felt more than I had ever felt before. I poured it into words—the lament, the pain, the hope, the struggle of another day that didn’t look how I wanted it to. I fought an invisible battle in my mind. I shared my work. I learned about story structure and made creativity a habit. And the stories started coming. By wintertime, I had finished and edited a draft of a novella and had written a short story readers wanted more of. 

When spring came, I finally felt equipped to pursue what I love. So I left my job and began the journey of going full-time on side projects and writing. 

My writing has been called “visceral” and “non-stop suspenseful” by its readers. Writing, for me, looks like waking early six days a week, turning on Spotify, and drafting or editing for as long as possible. When I run out of words (which happens daily), I pray. Then the right words come. 

I write:

  • fiction
  • poetry
  • liturgies
  • marketing copy
  • newsletters
  • when everyone else is still asleep
  • in the car
  • on airplanes
  • while watching movies
  • when I am grieving
  • when I cannot process
  • when I am overwhelmed
  • when I see grace
  • when I need grace

I see the shape of stories in everything, and one of my favorite things is watching the sparks go off in another writer’s mind when they see it, too. I get excited about building daily writing habits, editing, helping writers tell stories, and crafting sentences so real you can feel them. My goal as a writer is to tell stories that are good, beautiful, and true. 

When I’m not writing, I design things (like websites and a home). Inspired by the wilds and places of Norway, the dark and bright contrast of Scandinavian design, and much more, I craft minimalist digital landscapes of text, images, and color (or lack of it) to draw guests down paths to an end. I’m also known to make videos.

Writers and artists I’m inspired by: Paul David Tripp, Nabeel Qureshi, Tosca Lee, R.J. Palacio, Douglas Kaine McKelvey, Piet Mondrian, Tony Anderson, Zach Winters, Jerry Jenkins, Lisa Phillips, Austin Kleon, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien

My goal as a writer is to tell stories that are good, beautiful, and true. 

Beyond writing

I'm building or designing something.


Some of my favorite design projects: a home, no-code websites—including the one you're on right now, iPhone apps, and layout design.


I worked at a startup for thirteen months, where I went from entry-level content creator and community manager to editor of a daily blog publication.


I've had the honor of planning, editing, and producing several videos for product launches and social media. I use Premiere Pro and After Effects.


Currently, I, including landing pages, PDF design, and podcast branding.
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