Write the story you've always wanted to write.

21 days to story structure. For creative writers who aren't plotters.
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Master the shape of stories. In 21 days.

Alongside an exclusive community, you'll learn everything you need to know about structuring a story during this course—without losing the creativity inherent in writing.

Structure. Without sacrificing originality.

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Every story has a similar spine. And every story is different.
In The Elements of Style, William Strunk Jr. writes, “A basic structural design underlies every kind of writing. The first principle of composition, therefore, is to foresee or determine the shape of what is to come and pursue that shape. The more clearly the writer perceives the shape, the better are the chances of success.”

Knowing the shape of stories doesn't hinder creativity—it creates space for it. This course is designed to help you master the art of telling stories that work—while crafting unique tales that haven't been told before.

Turn your idea into a story—during the course.

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Learn. By doing.
Through daily challenges and short videos that cut to the core of what you need to know, you'll structure a story you love and feel ready to draft. Build character arcs, create internal and external conflict, craft a resonating climax, and much more.

Walk away with the tools you need to finish.

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The end's finally in sight.
You'll build a daily writing habit alongside other creative writers. You'll know you have what it takes to write. And you'll gain the ability to tell a story that satisfies you—and your readers.

It's working.

Hey, I'm Morgan, and I created this course for people who, like I did, struggle with plotting or planning stories.

I've helped aspiring authors turn ideas into stories they love, that work. I've seen them draft original stories and actually finish what they set out to do (something I struggled with for years).

21 Days to Story Structure is the course I wish I had six years ago, when I started writing novels. Now, it's here—and I can't wait to see how it helps you write the story you've always wanted to write.
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