I am a minimalist, not a hipster. There is a difference.

No, I really don't know how to pay at a restaurant with the black card holder thing. It's much too complicated. I'll just play sudoku instead.

I really am as obsessed with music as I appear to be. Not even kidding.

It would probably be the epitome of my fitness career if I actually learned how to skateboard.

I can quote Napoleon Dynamite basically in my sleep.

I actually pretend I'm a high functioning sociopath sometimes.

I will read medical facts/first aid flippers during breakfast.

I once got lost in the New York subway system at night and didn't die. Yay.

I have this lion-that-is-smoking sweatshirt, and it's my favorite.

I am also slightly obsessed with Scandinavia.

I think up most of the scenes for my story in my head, play them out as if they were a movie, and then write. Or I'll just write without thinking–either way works. I have been told this is interesting.

Outlining is my greatest nemesis. I STRONGLY DISLIKE YOU, PLOTTING.

I really do torture every single one of my characters. But I also give them coffee and music, so it's even.

Medical research literally is my favorite thing to do because I've absolutely got to have all the medical details perfectly correct.

If I get started talking about character development and/or dialogue, I cannot and will not shut up. Ask my sisters.

My characters are real to me. And they make me laugh pretty much every day.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

World War Z

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Batman Begins

Rain. Driving. The Martian. Hobbits. NASA. Jazz in Washington Square Park–and jazz in general. Jazz during the winter. Jazz in the morning. Jazzz. Black skies. Google. Subwoofers. Oversized sweatshirts. Research at 3AM. Garfield comics. Indian music. Greek food. Good grammar. Maps. Beer shoes. Sherlock's hand thing. Sax in house music. Good conversations with good friends. Earbuds. Bob Ross. New York City. The wind of the subway. Norway. Long coats. Side profiles. Inspiration from news stories. French bread. Misheard lyrics. Heights. A story in a sentence. And a lot of other stuff I won't add 'cause I need to move on now.

I think that's enough now? I gotta go do somethin' else.