and that's me right there

Hello! I'm Morgan Von Gunten–a writer, graphic designer, photographer, former app-developer, soon-to-be author, and a creative mind. I'm nineteen, and I graduated high school over two years ago.

I'm a perfectionist, and art is hard to get right. I strongly disliked writing until a few years ago, when a picture of this kid I didn't know wouldn't get out of my head. So I decided to write his story.

I have a lot going on in my mind, and writing is my way of getting everything out of my head and onto a sheet–or lots of sheets–of paper instead of at people 'cause people are actually awesome.

Long story short, writing makes me happy. I would be a contrastingly different person right now if I didn't have writing as a means to express my (many) feelings.

I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with research, Norway, and random bands no one's ever heard of. If we meet, I'll probably have my headphones in, trying to not make small talk. i am also addicted to writing in lowercase.*

Currently, I am happily living in Austin, Texas with my family of nine.


*it was also very hard not to write this whole bio thing in lowercase. so of course i had to write something in lowercase. that is all.